The 52nd annual edition of Texas Workers' Compensation Manual, the oldest, most authoritative, and concise reference for this body of law, is now available.

For over half a century, courts, insurance companies, attorneys, employees, health care providers, employers, and governmental entities have all been well served by this important legal reference.

With myriad Legislative changes to the Workers' Compensation Act in the last year, it is essential to rely on the latest edition. Every change adopted before the December publication date will be incorporated into and analyzed in the 2021 edition.

Unique to the Texas Workers' Compensation Manual, nearly every individual statue and rule is accompanied by expert commentary, which correlates and cross-references discussions of legislative intent and analysis, agency interpretations (including preambles to agency rules and Appeals Panel decisions), and judicial case law. Where appropriate, independent analysis is provided that discusses important issues where there is a split of authority or no authority at all.

Further, as always, the editor reviews every court case and Appeals Panel decision issued since the previous edition and summarizes and categorizes them to reflect only the important legal point or points of the case.

We hope you agree with the thousands who have used it for five decades that this is the tool for you.

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